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Stuck with just a shadow of your old self? 

Let fatigue and lack of time win again or get the training, confidence, and skills to do the things you love. 

Your "Dream Job" Drains You


 Learn to make your schedule and boundaries work for you, and get the tools to actually meet your goals.

Turn Stress and Fatigue into Energy 


You're so tired of being tired. Learn how slowing down can help you become energetic, adventurous, and social. 

Expectation Mode to Effective Routines


Together, we can trade out the expectations you've been living for, and bring routines that are effective for you and your goals. 

I'm Laura, a licensed therapist and burnout coach. 

I'm way too familiar with burnout, from my days as a high-achieving student to working evening shifts in the ER and at a community-based nonprofit with a dozen fast food bags and coffee mugs in my car at any given time. Pretty much anything that could happen from burnout happened to me: chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and that never-ending discouragement that I made all the wrong choices in life. 


Finally, with the right tools and the mindset that I deserved to heal, I made it to the other side of burnout. 

Now, I teach high-achieving but exhausted women how to beat burnout in incremental, realistic ways. This isn't just yoga and bubble baths. This is real talk, a deep understanding of what you're going through, and the clinical expertise to back up everything I teach. 

Ways to work with me

Beat Burnout: The Online Course


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One on One Coaching


- my signature program, designed to transform your relationship with burnout in just 10 weeks 


- Individualized, one-on-one support


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